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Greater KC MS/JH Solo & Ensemble Festival

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You and your middle school orchestra and band students are cordially invited to participate in the annual Greater Kansas City Middle School Solo and Ensemble Festival that will be held on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy.

This festival is for 6th-9th grade orchestra and band students only.  Piano is available as a solo option.  They must be a member of a school performing ensemble if available.

Following are some of the guidelines that will be implemented for this festival:

“The purpose of this Festival is to promote and encourage musical growth and education through instrumental music preparation and performance at the middle school level.”

  1. Solos and ensembles; 2-8 (strings), 2-8 (band) members, and piano will be allowed.
  2. 6 minutes will be given per event.
  3. Memorization is not required.
  4. Accompaniments are optional. 
  5. Literature must be contest-type music: NO exercises or etudes from method books. Avoid using music from such sources as, “Walt-Disney Classics”, “Songs My Mother Used to Sing”, etc.
  6. Individuals will be limited to a maximum of four events.
  7. Events will include strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion solos and corresponding ensembles.
  8. Each entry fee will be $9.00 for solos and $12.00 for ensembles.
  9. We will be scheduling all events by hand this year. ALL entries must be clearly entered (by YOU the director) on the appropriate attachment marked Official Event Entry Form.
  10. Judging Criteria: Ratings only (I-III). The evaluation form will mimic the MSHSAA form. Brief verbal positive and constructive comments from the judges will be encouraged. Judges will be selected based on their middle and high school teaching experiences, and by director recommendation.
  11. Individual ribbons will be awarded via director’s packets at the end of the day. Ensembles will receive ribbons and certificates for each individual member.
  12. Some percussion equipment will be provided.
  13. We are a MSHSAA-sanctioned festival.  It is imperative that I follow their guidelines.  This does not actually exclude non-MSHSAA particpants or 6th-graders, but means I must schedule creatively. Please accurately fill out the forms.
  14. Time Line:

    March 30th - All Applications and entry information reminder sent out. (They can be found below.)
    April 17th - All money and entries due.
    April 24th - Event times sent out to all schools.
  15. Entry Fees and Payments:
    Events for your school will not be scheduled until a check/P.O. has been received by Tuesday, April 17th.

Spreadsheet for entries

Entry Invoice Form

More details will follow when you confirm your participation.

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