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Congratulations to the following student on his acceptance into the Missouri All-State Band:


Brandon Sconce, Trumpet - 9th Honorable Mention



Silas Wood, Clarinet - 7th Honorable Mention
Anna Hirsekorn, Bass Clarinet - 2nd Honorable Mention
Lindell Sconce, Tenor Sax - 2nd Alternate (4th overall)
Hunter Mueller, Trumpet - 1st Alternate
Aaron Hudgins, Euphonium - 2nd Alternate
Quinn Cochran, Jazz Guitar - 1st Honorable Mention (4th overall)


Chris Kidwell, Flute - 1st Chair
Scott Jones, Clarinet - 9th Chair
Ernest Melton, Baritone Saxophone - 1st Alternate (3rd overall)


Chris Kidwell, Flute - 3rd Chair
Scott Jones, Clarinet - 8th Chair


Felice Doynov, Flute - 1st Chair Band
Chris Kidwell, Piccolo - 1st Chair Honorable Mention
Chris Kidwell, Flute - 10th Chair Honorable Mention
Dylan Cramm Horn, Horn - 5th Chair
Jazzmon Lane, Clarinet - 1st Chair Honorable Mention
Scott Jones, Clarinet - 10th Chair Honorable Mention


2009 All-Staters

Felice Doynov, 1st Chair Flute
Milton Achelpohl, 5th Chair Alto Saxophone


Milton Achelpohl, 1st Chair Alto Saxophone
Michael Rizzo, 6th Chair Horn



Stuart Becker, 1st Chair Trombone
Michael Rizzo, 6th Chair Horn

Jazz Band

Matt Williams, Vibes


Stuart Becker, 2nd Chair Trombone
Jeff Shipman, 1st Alternate Tuba
Jacob Stanley, 9th Honorable Mention Trombone


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